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CRDF Threat Center is a non-commercial community project. Our list can be used for free by anyone. Feel free to use it.

CRDF Labs offers you access to private data for 2 days. Thus, you will be able to access private data for the last 24 hours without obtaining any verification from CRDF Labs.

We would like to remind you that if you want to exchange data with us or access more complete private data, you can contact us to obtain access.

By completing this form, you will receive an email with your identification data to access the private part for a period of 2 days. After this time, your access will be revoked.

Form for obtaining a private access

Thank you kindly complete all fields marked with a red star. A valid email address must be provided in order to obtain the identifiers that will be sent to you by email. Creating your access and receiving the email can take several minutes so thank you for being patient.

Please indicate the reason (s) why you want to access this data. Without a clear motivation, we reserve the right to remove your unreserved access.


I understand and accept without reservation the ToS and the license to distribute data from the service.

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