Get a private access

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is not publicly available for security reasons. All data from the CRDF Threat Center is confidential, non-commercial and subject to a confidentiality agreement.

In the private area of the CRDF Threat Center, you will get unlimited and unconstrained access to our Threat Intelligence. Without this access, you will not have full access to our Threat Intelligence.

In particular, you will have access to:

Private data is accessible free of charge to IT security professionals who meet our criteria and have passed the background check. The CRDF Threat Center is a totally non-commercial, independent and completely French project (to learn more about us, click here). We publish our data for free in order to protect the vast majority of our users.

By being independent, we are also financially independent and we invest our own financial resources in CRDF Labs. Most of the IT security professionals who use our data give us data in exchange so that we can survive. However, the operating costs (infrastructure, finances, projects, electricity, ) of our lab are expensive. Therefore, we decided to test for a few months a non-commercial offer allowing people/organizations to get private access to the CRDF Threat Center data via a donation.

CRDF Labs still offers private access for companies that wish to exchange data and without the mandatory donation. This does not change anything for our partners.

Below you will find a comparative table of access to our private data that allows you to choose according to your situation.

Access by donation allows us to fund the CRDF Labs and help us maintain this service. Thus, people who wish to access our data freely can do so without any problem.

Table of available access to CRDF Threat Center data

Public Private / Non commercial Donor access
Background check No Yes Yes
Ads/Tracker List
Hashed malicious URLs database
Hashed malicious Files
Database of malicious URLs (complete and incremental database) -
Full access to malicious samples -
Possibility to download the forensic database (> 5 Gb of data) -
Custom queries on the forensic tool - -
Free access Donor only
Non-commercial use of data from the CRDF Threat Center Commercial use accepted
Non disclosure agreement mandatory No Yes Yes
Mandatory data exchange No Yes No
Free, API key required Free, Detailed query Mandatory donation: $100/mo