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WARNING: This website is a resource for security professionals and enthusiasts.

CRDF Threat Center is a non-commercial community project. Our list can be used for free by anyone. Feel free to use it.

This page allows you to report to the lab any malicious address that you have discovered and want to see embedded in our databases.

Please note that any web addresses reported through this system will be shared with the computer security community. Please do not report any confidential web addresses.

Form URLs submission

This form allows you to report one or more web addresses that you think are malicious to CRDF Labs. We analyze all requests manually and within 24 hours depending on the queue. An answer will be systematically given to you on your report so that you can know the state of your request. Please note that all fields are required.

This field allows you to specify as many web addresses as you want. Just put a web address line by line. A valid web address starts with "http(s)://".


I understand and agree that all data on this form may be shared with our partners to combat cyber crime. I understand and agree that my email address will never be shared even with third parties and I accept the ToS.

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