CRDF Threat Center API

The CRDF Threat Center offers an API allowing you to perform actions to integrate them into your programs. To use it, you must obtain an API key and consult the documentation.

Please note that in order to avoid abuse, the number of requests made in a day is limited. Please refer to the documentation for information on these limitations.

Form to get an API Key

Please fill out this form to obtain an API key and use it. In order to receive the API key, you must enter an email address as it will be sent to you. Any false information in this form will result in the deletion of your API key.

Warning: it is possible that you have to wait 5 minutes before receiving your API key by email.

Thank you for clearly indicating the use that you will make of our API and what will be the goal.
To prevent automated submission by automated programs, the above form is protected. You must enter the code that is composed of lowercase characters.