Reward Program for malicious URL reporters

This webpage explains how CRDF Labs rewards reporters for submitting malicious URLs that do not meet our detection criteria. The reward program encourages our reporters to report any malicious URLs that do not meet our detection criteria. Thus, we make the Web more secure together!

If you do not want to participate in the reward program, you will be counted in our results but you may not claim your reward.

Conditions of access to the reward program:

All malicious URLs embedded in our database after your submission will be counted in our system. If your URL already exists in our database, does not exist, whitelisted by our services or does not meet our detection criteria will not be counted. Only the CRDF Labs expert who processes your submission report and accepts a malicious URL will be counted.

In any case, we thank you for your submissions and we appreciate your gesture. Thanks to you, we are trying to make a Web more secure and enjoyable. If you want to know what our actions are against the URLs that are added in our database, we invite you to consult our FAQ.

List of awards

In order to earn a reward, you must validate a number of malicious URL reports on a single consecutive month.

Number of validated reportsPrize
1000.1 EURO
10001 EURO
1000010 EUROS
+5000 ?0.001 EUROS / Confirmed Malicious URLs