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CRDF Threat Center: False positive procedure

WARNING: This website is a resource for security professionals and enthusiasts.

CRDF Threat Center is a non-commercial community project. Our list can be used for free by anyone. Feel free to use it.

If your website is listed as bad by CRDF Labs, please follow these steps:

  1. Clean up your site. Most blacklisted sites we see have been infected with some badware without the knowledge or permission of their owners.
  2. Check your site. Malware frequently hides in multiple files, some of which may not be easily visible. Before requesting a review, check your site with a URL scanner or other tool to make sure you have cleaned up all malware.
  3. View CRDF Labs detection criteria. Thank you kindly read the article in our knowledge base regarding our detection criteria. A website not respecting our detection criteria may in no case be removed from our databases as it is considered malicious by CRDF Labs : Criteria for detection for the CRDF Labs malicious database.
  4. Request a review. Thank you to please only use the form below to report your false positive.
  5. Prevent future infection. Once your site has been removed from the blacklist(s), it’s extremely important to secure it as much as possible against future attacks. Malware distributors often place backdoors on compromised sites. These backdoors allow them to reinfect good sites after those sites have been cleaned up and taken off blacklists.

Thank you kindly understand that 24 hours is required to investigate and respond to your request favorably. Requests without valid information will be ignored. Multiple requests will also be ignored. Only this form to report a false positive. Any request of false positive outside of this form will be ignored.

*** Important notes ***: CRDF Labs never gives more information about a website considered contrary to our detection criteria. CRDF Labs is not intended to provide any evidence that a website is against our detection criteria. The purpose of CRDF Labs is to protect its users against security risks associated with a browser over the Internet.

Form false positive declaration

Thank you kindly complete all fields marked with a red star. This form will verify the existence of the domain name listed in our databases. If the domain is not included in our database, it was removed from our database or is not considered as malicious by the laboratory CRDF Labs. If you want to submit more than one domain name, thank you kindly repeat as many times as necessary this procedure. Other domain names not covered by the initial procedure will be ignored and not processed by the system.


I understand and fully accept that my application will not be processed if it does not meet the criteria of CRDF Labs and CRDF France and I accept the ToS.

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